Public Schools and Sports: Not Always A Good Combination

As a family that values the benefits that sports can offer as a way to balance our children’s way to grow up, sports has always had a central role.

Not all schools are the same when it comes to sports.

It is disappointing for us to see how sports is often disregarded, seen as something “less important” when we look at our public school system.

You would have to look long and hard to find a good state school where they offer the students adequate sports education plus optional sport activities outside the normal school hours.

When I was a teenager, I highly enjoyed the (entirely voluntary!) Basketball and soccer classes that I attended in the afternoon. Not only did they help me to get better grades in sports, they sure also had a part in developing my social skills with others. Most of all, those classes were fun!

It is odd to see that many public schools today don’t offer such things any longer. You have to look towards private, independent schools if you want to make sure that your children have good options there. Not only are their facilities often in much better shape as compared to state schools, they are by and large offering a lot more choices when it comes to sports.

We had seen private schools such as the prep school Bedfordshire that had several great sports teams, ranging from soccer or cricket teams to swimming teams or teams for fencing and even martial arts. Two of those private schools even have Olympic class swimming and fencing teams!

If sports is important for your family and you want your children grow up with the best opportunities, you may want to consider a private school for them. Take my word there, it can be more than worth it!