Finding a Good Gym for Yoga in London

If you happen to live in London, finding the right establishment for Yoga can be difficult.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to go to fitness and Yoga classes I cannot stand many of those very overcrowded places like those that you can find all over the capital today.

If you are looking for a gym in East London, it can easily happen that you find yourself among 30 or 40 attendees which in my opinion is just way too many folks.

yoga London FieldsMost of the time, it looks to me as if the instructors are also rather stressed.out working in such conditions where it’s really difficult for them to focus on individual folks that might need some additional help and coaching.

Those gyms were there is a maximum of maybe 15 folks are a lot more fun for me.

I found that the best gyms for yoga in London are not necessarily those new low budget gym chains that anyone knows.

To be honest, those are often only trying to get more people to sign up with their super low prices. As so often you will get what you pay for, a cheap membership and poor service and support.

I am rather paying a couple of bucks more when I know that I get a good instructor, great service and friendly people. For me, visiting my gym is something which I enjoy almost religiously and it is not something where I want to save money at all costs! I really don’t understand those folks who go to those low budget places.

I found London Fields fitness here in East London a nice place for yoga in London Fields, this is why I can highly recommend them to you. The may be other good gym in the area but it can be that you might have to look around a bit to find them.