Can The Formula One Crisis Be Fixed?

If you are following Formula One you will likely be aware of what experts call a crisis in this popular sport.

The foremost question here is, why is Formula One in such a crisis ahead of the Grand Prix in Bahrain?

As it stands currently, the drivers are still in open revolt against Bernie Ecclestone

It wasn’t too long ago when Formula One arrived in the Gulf state, immediately facing several challenges in regards to mishandling the fallout from anti-government protests in Bahrain. Last year, the hybrid era battled problems. Ferrari even described it as a form of “taxicab racing”, nevermind that it was actually one of the best races in recent times. Mindless politics seemed to have taken over Formula One.

Fixing a broken system

Getting the teams our of rulemaking might be the first step to fix an otherwise broken system. The strategy group of Ecclestone long with the FIA and the biggest teams need to be scrapped.

If those things are achieved there is still a chance that Formula One can recover from the crisis it is in right now.