Public Schools and Sports: Not Always A Good Combination

As a family that values the benefits that sports can offer as a way to balance our children’s way to grow up, sports has always had a central role.

Not all schools are the same when it comes to sports.

It is disappointing for us to see how sports is often disregarded, seen as something “less important” when we look at our public school system.

You would have to look long and hard to find a good state school where they offer the students adequate sports education plus optional sport activities outside the normal school hours.

When I was a teenager, I highly enjoyed the (entirely voluntary!) Basketball and soccer classes that I attended in the afternoon. Not only did they help me to get better grades in sports, they sure also had a part in developing my social skills with others. Most of all, those classes were fun!

It is odd to see that many public schools today don’t offer such things any longer. You have to look towards private, independent schools if you want to make sure that your children have good options there. Not only are their facilities often in much better shape as compared to state schools, they are by and large offering a lot more choices when it comes to sports.

We had seen private schools such as the prep school Bedfordshire that had several great sports teams, ranging from soccer or cricket teams to swimming teams or teams for fencing and even martial arts. Two of those private schools even have Olympic class swimming and fencing teams!

If sports is important for your family and you want your children grow up with the best opportunities, you may want to consider a private school for them. Take my word there, it can be more than worth it!

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Can The Formula One Crisis Be Fixed?

If you are following Formula One you will likely be aware of what experts call a crisis in this popular sport.

The foremost question here is, why is Formula One in such a crisis ahead of the Grand Prix in Bahrain?

As it stands currently, the drivers are still in open revolt against Bernie Ecclestone

It wasn’t too long ago when Formula One arrived in the Gulf state, immediately facing several challenges in regards to mishandling the fallout from anti-government protests in Bahrain. Last year, the hybrid era battled problems. Ferrari even described it as a form of “taxicab racing”, nevermind that it was actually one of the best races in recent times. Mindless politics seemed to have taken over Formula One.

Fixing a broken system

Getting the teams our of rulemaking might be the first step to fix an otherwise broken system. The strategy group of Ecclestone long with the FIA and the biggest teams need to be scrapped.

If those things are achieved there is still a chance that Formula One can recover from the crisis it is in right now.

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The 2016 Furniture Design Trends


What are the U.K.’s furniture trends for 2016?

Well, get ready for pinks, charcoal walls and global finds according to Sharon Dale from the Yorkshire Post.

Pink is a colour that should be sparingly used but the beauty of Rose Quartz can lighten up many types of rooms when it is used smartly and creatively.

This is a rather soft and unassuming pink that choosing as colour after year along with Serenity Blue. Grey still a favourite amongst the neutral home accent colours.

But there are more trends for this New Year. When it comes to metallics in your home, silver and gold are quite in these days and believe it or not, bright bursts of orange are making a comeback as well. Looking at fabrics, botanical prints along with jewelled fabrics and monochrome are at this year’s fashion forefront.

Barker and Stonehouse creative display major Claire Hornby said that recycled wood is coming and fashionable trend which not only makes a good figure with all types of home furniture and is likewise beneficial for the environment,

Furniture makers such as Mac & Wood who specialise in furniture made from reclaimed wood are seeing massive order numbers these days. Check out their reclaimed wood table and other fantastic pieces made from aged, reclaimed timber.

Claire Hornby says that there is a real beauty tool using recycled wood especially when the imperfections natural finishes are allowed to shine through.

As expected, interest in work by furniture designers will continue to grow throughout the year so will consumer demand for these creative designs.

“Artisan finds from across the world that utilise colourful hand-woven fabrics and materials will be popular. Patterned Moroccan rugs will sit alongside cushions made from Indian fabrics and hand-woven Mexican baskets for an eclectic, global feel. Bold, bright colours and patterns clash comfortably against a backdrop of dark, inky hues”, she told the reporter.


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Finding a Good Gym for Yoga in London

If you happen to live in London, finding the right establishment for Yoga can be difficult.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to go to fitness and Yoga classes I cannot stand many of those very overcrowded places like those that you can find all over the capital today.

If you are looking for a gym in East London, it can easily happen that you find yourself among 30 or 40 attendees which in my opinion is just way too many folks.

yoga London FieldsMost of the time, it looks to me as if the instructors are also rather stressed.out working in such conditions where it’s really difficult for them to focus on individual folks that might need some additional help and coaching.

Those gyms were there is a maximum of maybe 15 folks are a lot more fun for me.

I found that the best gyms for yoga in London are not necessarily those new low budget gym chains that anyone knows.

To be honest, those are often only trying to get more people to sign up with their super low prices. As so often you will get what you pay for, a cheap membership and poor service and support.

I am rather paying a couple of bucks more when I know that I get a good instructor, great service and friendly people. For me, visiting my gym is something which I enjoy almost religiously and it is not something where I want to save money at all costs! I really don’t understand those folks who go to those low budget places.

I found London Fields fitness here in East London a nice place for yoga in London Fields, this is why I can highly recommend them to you. The may be other good gym in the area but it can be that you might have to look around a bit to find them.


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The new Spark Fitness Tracker by TomTom

Get ready for TomTom’s Spark, the first fitness tracker that also supports music!

fitness-trackerTomTom  is the first company that  is now breaking into the wearable fitness tracker market.

Just last year, they launched their most recent watch.

Companies such as Apple followed quickly, trying to break into this promising market.

TomTom’s new Spark fitness tracker however claims to be different.

The device focuses on music along with a range of other interesting features that can help it becoming successful on a market that has now become very competitive.


The company launched the new fitness tracker at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The device features not only extensive music abilities such as being able to create your own playlists but also comes with GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring or sleep and activity tracking.

With TomTom’s new wearable Spark you can now track most of your indoor and outdoor fitness activities. The watch is water resistant which means that it can also be used for swimming.

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A Tip If You Love Horse Racing As Much As I Do

Since I was raised not too far from two spectacular horse racing tracks it is not exactly a surprise that I have a big passion for the races. Looking back, I remember being at the tracks from a very young age on this passion has stayed with me ever since.

horseracing in the UKI know that a lot of folks here in my area and elsewhere in the UK love the races at least as much as I do, but most of the time day see  the races more as a casual entertainment type-of-thing where you go to the weekend’s to have some fun with some friends.

Many folks I know are not exactly what I would consider “horse racing experts” and only a few of them I know are actually winning on occasion.

Because of that I get asked quite often about some strategies for the races and if I have some working horse racing tips for them.

Here I feel that I need to warn those people who are new to horse racing to be cautious when they are looking for horse racing tips, especially if they go online to find some.

It is indeed possible to get solid horse racing strategies, most of them may cost some money while some of them are free, but of course it’s not all gold that glitters.

This is why I tell those folks that they should always take advantage of those sources for horse racing tips where you can try them out for free first. This way you can get a good idea whether those strategies work for you without having to make any type of commitment.

This is exactly what I recommend, get yourself some free horse racing tips from a professional and then decide to purchase them what you see that they work well you.

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